Tarklin Ridge School

Members of Tarklin Ridge School, also known as Sulphur Springs School. This photo was taken about 1902.

Back row from the left: Charlie DeBord, Martha Lowe, Ellen Knipp, Basil Knipp, Linda Knipp, Dissie Knipp, Jimmie Knipp, Mae Roe, Willie Knipp, Minta Barker and Harve DeBord.

Middle Row: Willis Roe, Fred DeBord, John Boggs, Arthur DeBord, Milton Roe, Cook Rankin, Lillie DeBord, Myrtle Knipp, Sennia Lowe, Minnie Barker, Lucy Knipp, Vicie Boggs, Willia Jane DeBord, Ida Barker.

Front Row: Mrs. Mannie DeBord (visitor), Rosa DeBord, Willie DeBord, Ralph DeBord (behind Willie), Willie DeBord (behind the girl in white dress), Corda Maggard (girl in white dress), Lewis DeBord, Earl Rankin, James S. Roe, Teacher, Effie DeBord, Lizzie DeBord, Rosa Ethel Roe, Leatha Knipp, Dennis Barker and Mary Boggs.

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Submitted by: Mike Barker

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Another version of the photo of the Sulphur Springs/Tatlin Ridge School.

Submitted by: Ed Clark

"The Sulphur Springs School building is located near what is now known as Connell Branch.
Tatlin Ridge School was located around the same area, but futher around the ridge. These are two differnt schools."

Submitted by: Cathy Stephenson - richardswife_33 at yahoo.com

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