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Thomas Jefferson Baker, circa 1960.

Tom was born in 1882.

Thomas Jefferson Baker (my granddad), son of Alex Baker and Lucy (Haney) Baker, was born in 1882 in Carter County, Kentucky.
Tomís first wife was a Jerden and she bore him 2 children, Rob and Hubert. His second wife bore him one son, Everette, and she died giving birth.

Tom then married Nora Wicker on December 3, 1917. Nora Wicker was the daughter of William M. Wicker and Millie (Davis) Wicker.
Nora's marriage to Tom was her third marriage. Nora's first marriage was to a Mr. Hayes and they had one child,
Wilma Hayes, who was raised by the Wicker Clan of Wicker Hollow off old hwy 60 near the Biggs Hill Cemetery. Nora's second marriage was to a Mr. Brammel
and they had one son, Charles Brammel.

Tom and Nora had eleven children: Garnet, Lillian, Inez, Betty, Pauline, Jack, Harlan, Tommy, Ernest, Nick (my dad),
and Manford who was killed in action aboard the battle ship USS South DakOta in World War II.

"The last information I had on Wilma (Nora (Baker) Hayes' daughter) was that she was living in Ashland, Ky.
She was a Dickson and she was 89 years old. At that time it was said that she had a very sharp and accurate memory for detail."

Tom and Nora are buried in the Biggs Hill Cemetery and Alex and Lucy are buried in the Plummer cemetery located near Carter Cave State Park.

"It is my understanding that Alex Baker and at least one brother and possibly more migrated to Ky. from Va.,
and that Alex settled in the Iron Hill Section. A brother moved on to Columbus, Ohio."

"There was also a Burnett who ran a store in the Iron Hill section of Carter County that was kin to us, according to Uncle Jack."

Nick Baker Sr. (my dad) married Georgia Barfield from Bladen County, NC and they had three children: Gayle, Nick Jr. and Warren.

Jack, Tom and Tommy Baker

"Near the state park"

Submitted by Nick Baker

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