John Haskel Barker and Dovie (Roe) Barker

John Haskel Barker married Dovie Roe and they had 5 children:

Camilla June Barker b. July 5 1938
Millard Eugene Barker
Helen Arlene Barker
Mavis lee Barker
Wilma Barker

John Haskel passed away March of 1994 at Crestline Nursing Home. Dovie passed away January of 2005 at Galion Nursing Home. Camilla June (who is my grandmother) passed away in January 2005, at the Wyandot Memorial Hospital.

Camilla June Barker first marriaged Clay Spencer. They devorced in January 1954. Her second marriage was to Harry Martin Hench in April 1954. They had 2 children together: Donald Lee Hench born in 1954 and Pam Hench, born in July 1959. Camilla later devorced Harry in 1962 and then in 1964 married Leroy D. Hessey. Leroy adopted Pam and Donald. Donald married Melody Carter in April 1978 and the had twins named Donald Lee Hessey and Lisa Marie Hessey, born in May 1980. Lisa is married to Daniel Allen Hoy. We got married on Aug 8 1999. We have a daughter named Cassandra Marie Hoy and a son, Joseph Allen Hoy, born in January 2004.

Millard Eugene Barker was married three times. His first wife was named Mary and they had one child together, Lizabeth Annette Barker. His sencond marriage was to Geneva Goins and they later divorced. His third marriage was to Louise Hope ROosse. They had two children together named Steven Eugene Barker and John Louis Barker.

Helen Arlene Barker was married twice. Her first marriage was to a Mr. Bauer. They had 4 children together, Rhonda Ann Bauer, Mark Allen Bauer, , John Michael Bauer. John was born on January 13, 1962 and passed away on July 27, 1971. The fourth son wa Gregg Edwin Bauer. Helen's second marriage was to Donald Leonberger. They had no children.

Mavis Lee Barker married Wayne Edward Dull. They later devoriced. They had four children together: Tamala Lynn Dull, Jeffery Wayne Dull (born and passed away on the same day, February 4 1965), Timothy Edward Dull and Todd Elwyn Dull.

Wilma Jean Barker married Ralph David Fields. They had a child David Keith Fields. David married Lynn Ann Trotta. David passed away May 2003, in Florida.

John Haskel Barker's brothers and sisters were:

Edward R. Barker b. 3 March 1901, d. 21 December 1984
Emory Everett Barker b. 4 October 1898, d. 3 March 1983
Della E. Barker b. 25 sep 1896
William M. Barker b. 12 February 1895, d. 6 November 1957
Bertha M. Barker b. 2 November 1893, d. 22 May 1969

John and Dovie Barker

Submitted by: Lisa Hoy

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