Robert Binion

You see little heads at the bottom of the picture. I have no names for them but if I can read correctly the names of the others, then maybe that will help.

Bottom row is the first row, and as I said, I have no names for them.

Then the 2nd row: Albert Ingram and Robert Binion

3rd row: Elva Byrd, Calvin Scott Crank, Marvin Ingram, Arthur Crank, Phillip Ingram

4th row: William Grant Binion, Virlin Ingram, Vernon Perry, Fred Ingram, Charlie Binion.

5th row: Ed Mackie, Walter Ingram

6th row: Byron Ingram, Lorem Fishel, Robert Perry

This picture was taken in Wisconsin, and most of these are cousins or married to cousins. It was taken in 1933. My husband was 18 yrs old at he time. He and Fred ingram were really close. One of James Wilson Tackett's daughters (Rhodica) married an Ingram. One (Sarah) married a Crank. One (Almedia) married a Perry, and one married a Binion.

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Submitted by: Shirlene Binion

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