Chloe Ann (Bledsoe) Clevenger

Chloe Ann Bledsoe and George Marion Clevenger on their wedding day in 1950.

Geneva (Clevenger) Hall and Chloe Ann Bledsoe. "Good friends".

Chloe Ann (Bledsoe) Clevenger in 1968 or 1969

To the left of Mom are Mike, and Jerry, to the right are Bob and Terry Clevenger.
Photo taken in Coal Grove, Ohio.

My Mother, Chloe Ann (Bledsoe ) Clevenger was born 1-31-34 in Grayson, Carter County Ky and died 10-26-1969 in Kingsdaughter Hospital.
Her grve is located on Leon hill.

My brother, Jerry Dale Clevenger, was born 4-14-58 in Ashland KDH Ky, and died in Va, 6-13-2009. His grave site is Leon hill.

My Father, George Marion Clevenger, was born 4-12-1926 in Leon Ky, and died 6-10-2011 in KDH in Ashland, Ky.
His grave site is Leon Hill, Ky (owned by the Hudgins).

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