Samuel Blentlinger and family

Back Row: Left to Right:  

Ruby's husband, name unknown; Ruby Blentlinger; Marion Lawson Duncan and his wife Rachel Blentlinger Duncan
Front Row: left to Right

Samuel Bruce Duncan, 
Samuel Blentlinger holding granddaughter, Garnet Irene Duncan
Samuel's wife Ella Traylor Blentlinger holding two granddaughters: Ruby's daughter on left (name unknown) and
on right holdilng Della Lois Duncan
Millard Jefferson Duncan
Marion Lawson Duncan is the son of Jefferson and Emily Jane Dixon Duncan

Rachel Blentlinger Duncan is the daughter of Samuel and Ella Traylor Blentlinger

Ruby Blentlinger is the daughter of Samuel and Ella Traylor Blentlinger

The Duncan children belong to Marion Lawson and Rachel

For several years, I have been meeting with some cousins and my Uncle Bob Duncan in Portsmouth where on a Friday night, 
we would enjoy a dinner and socialize together, talking about our Poage, Cooper, Duncan, Rife, Robertson, Grizzell, Dunn, etc. families.  
The next day, Saturday, we would all meet and car pool over to Greenup and Carter counties to look at some of the places where 
our Kentucky families lived and listen to the stories about those people and about the places we would be visiting.  

During our October 2006 get-together, I and my family stayed overnight on Friday night in Portsmouth, and then stayed at Carter Caves Lodge 
on Saturday and Sunday nights.
At that October 2006 get-together, my son Joe videotaped  Uncle Bob as he walked the Kehoe Cemetery which is located in Greenup.  
Uncle Bob either knew personally or knew about the persons buried there.  I would offer that video; however, Uncle Bob is dying of 
cancer and now doesn't seem a good time to make it public.
The other video I have, which I will send to you if your are interested, was an interview I did with Ed Rife and Everett Robertson, Jr. 
-- both agreed that I could send this video to libraries. We did the interview on the patio outside my room at Carter Caves Lodge.  
Ed and Everett were born and grew up in Greenup, and they shared their remembrances of their  ancestors, their families and the people 
who lived in the community--of the "life events" of some and the different relationships these families enjoyed.  I will list below the 
persons and their birth dates and the places they spoke about:
Samuel Blentlinger born 1856; Lizzie Burris; Daniel Boon; Orville Chinn
Eli Cooper 1804; John W. W. Cooper 1834; Eli Fletcher Cooper 1839; Ranson Winchester Cooper 1845; Minnie Armanda Cooper 1867; 
Eunice Winifred Cooper 1915; Douglas Ewing Cooper 1922; John W. W. P. Cooper 1876
Kibby Family; Kitchen family
Leroy Duncan 1779; Lawson Wheatley Duncan 1813; Caroline Duncan 1884; Edward Calvin Duncan 1862; Della Lois Duncan 1900
Razhel Duzan 1804
Stu Kiser
The Harrodsburg Poages; Col Robert Poage 1765; William Lindsay Poage 1794; Harriet Eleanor Poage 1845
Cecil Edward Rife; Carlisle Edward Rife, Sr. 1919
Everett Robertson, Sr. 1904; Fighting Sam Robertson; Robertson Flats bought from Fletch Cooper
French Robertson 1885; Samuel Green Robertson 1887; Duel Robertson 1899; Arch Robertson 1889
Carl Wooten, Minister, Kehoe Church; Rosella Frazee Wooten; Findley Worthington Mad Anthony Wayne; Worthington Family; Findley Worthington; Mad Anthony Wayne; 
Smith, Spicy and Kehoe Cemeteries
Smith, Upper Threeprong, Threeprong, Tiger, and Buffalo Creeks
Rob Bradford House; Minnie Cooper Duncan house, store, and postoffice
Battle of Fall Timbers; Old log cabin built in 1835 by Eli Cooper (still occupied)
The Poage land grant/purchase of 80,000 acres
Old Town; Leatherwood; Sunrise; Rattlesnake; Iron Hill; Carter City; Tygart's Valley; Greenup; Salt Lick; Carter; Kehoe; Carter Caves; Boonsboro; 
Harrodsburg; Danville; Amanda Furnace; Fort Amanda; Duncan Fort; Duncan Farm; Phoebe King Farm; Robertson Flats; Dean Flats
John P. Cooper; Harriet Eleanor Duncan Bradford; The Kehoe Church before it burned; Ranson Winchester Cooper; Harriet Elinor Poage Cooper;  
Minnie Armanda Cooper Duncan; Edward (Ted) and Minnie Cooper Duncan wedding picture.
Group pictures:  Minnie Cooper Duncan as a young girl in a school picture; 
Cooper and related families standing in fron of the old Cooper Mansion built by Eli Cooper

Submitted by: Phyllis Waddell

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