Charles Oscar Boggs

Charles Oscar is a descendants of Ephraim Boggs Jr.

Ephraim Boggs Jr. (b.20 May 1850;d.23 Mar 1916) married Sarah A. Counts(b.27 May 1851; m.27 Dec 1871; d.27 Aug 1917)
2. Minnie Ethel Boggs (b.4 Feb 1888;d.19 Mar 1979 in Ravenna,Ohio) married Charles Emmett Kitchen (b.18 Jan 1884;d.29 Sep 1966)
2. Mary Elizabeth Boggs (b.25 Nov 1872;d.24 Apr 1936) married Walter Lewis "Watt" Horne (b.10 Feb 1878;d.29 Jun 1970-At his home Rt 2 Grayson KY)
2. Lillian Hattie Boggs (b.26 Aug 1875;d.1936) married Edward J. Fleming (b.18 May 1876;d.1954 in New Castle)
2. Elizabeth Francis "Ebbie" Boggs (b.4 Jun 1880) married Roy Blankenship
2. Samantha Belle Boggs (b.11 Dec 1882) married John Hensley
2. Nellie Alice Boggs (b.22 Feb 1892;d.23 Nov 1945 at Newcastle home) married Solomon Rucker
2. Robert Byron Boggs (b.23 Mar 1885)
2. Charles "Oscar" Boggs (b.20 Jul 1894;d.6 Feb 1942) married Izora Mcdavid Kitchen
2. (unknown) Boggs (b.1874; d.1874)
2. William Counts Boggs (b.22 Sep 1876; d.1879)
2. Cossie Boggs

Oscar Boggs was a child of Ephraim Jr. Boggs (b.1850;m.1871;d.1916) and Sarah A. Counts (b1851;d 1917)

grands: Ephraim Boggs Sr. (b.1822;d.1849) and MaryAnn(Eastham) Fields (b.1823)

grands: William G. Counts and Mary Roe

1st greats: James Lee Boggs Jr. (b.1795; d.1849) and Frances "Fanny" Blevins(b.1792; d.1886)

2nd greats: James Lee Boggs Sr. (b.1752; d.1835) and Elizabeth Jane Clement (b.1759; d.1830)

James Blevins and Hannah O. Lyons

3d greats: John Boggs (b.1725; d.1796) and Mary Kees (b.1725)

4th great: Joseph Boggs

Submitted by: Betty Latta Kitchen

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