James William Brammer

This a photo of James William "JW" Brammer born 12 March 1862 died 20 March 1848.
His wife Nannie Cline was born 8 May 1871, and died 26 December 1922.
Her mother, Nancy L. Brown was the wife of William Harrison Cline.

J.W. Brammer was married twice, 1st wife was Nannie Cline, his 2nd wife was Minta (Evans) King.

The following two photos were taken in 1927.

Photo is of James William Brammer and his sons:Left to right - Russell Brammer, who married Jenny Hearn ,
Donald Brammer who married Myrtle Mauk, Raymond Brammer who married Nancy Lou Emma Whitt,
James William Brammer,Jim Brammer who married Dettie Cline ,
Charlie Brammer who married Katherine Thornsberry.

Photo is of J.W. Brammer and his daughters: Left to right - Ora Brammer, she married John Callahan,
Stella Brammer who married Ed Callahan, Thelma Brammer who married 1st Morton Jackson and 2nd Merl Hensley,
J.W. Brammer, Norma Brammer who married Jonah Wilburn, Mayme Brammer who married Ed Newell.

This photo is of J.W. Brammer and Raymond Brammer. Raymond is about 5 years old in photo.
The photo was taken about 1911.

J.W. Brammer and Nannie (Cline) Brammer

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James William Brammer birthday party, 1911

Dennis Conley, Russell Brammer, Charlie Brammer, Donal Brammer, Verner DeHart, Willie DeHat, Olive DeHart, MaryRoss, Raymond Brammer, James William Brammer,

Gertie Callihan, Aline Tyree, Edna Johnson, Iva Greenhill, Arlie DeHart, Ora Callihan, Edna Johnson, Catherine Conley, Nannie Brammer, Josie DeHart, Mae (Dehart) Kiser,

Addie DeHart, Douglas Ross, Chester Armstrong

Stella Callihan, Mayme Newell, Pearly Conley, Maude McClave, Cora Conley, George Conley, Willis Johnson

Jim Brammer, Alma Tyree, Ed Williams, Amanda Tierney, Leah Tyree, Norman Wilburn, Jonah Wilburn, Bertha Wilburn, Chloe McClave, Cartwright, Nora Wilburn.

Submitted by: George Wolfford, from his book "Carter County, a pictorial history"

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Modified Register for James William Brammer

First Generation

	1.	James William Brammer 1  was born on 12 Mar 1862 in Carter Co, KY, USA. He died on 20 Mar 1948 in Olive Hill, Carter Co, KY, USA. 

James married (1) Nancy "Nannie" Cline  daughter of William Harrison Cline and Nancy L Brown. Nancy was born on 8 May 1871 in Ky. She died on 26 Dec 1922 in Olive Hill, Carter Co, Ky. 

They had the following children:

+	2	F	i.	Estella "Stella" Brammer  was born on 9 Nov 1887. She died on 6 Jun 1948. 

	3	F	ii.	Mamie Brammer  was born in Dec 1888 in KY, USA. 
Mamie married Robert "Bob" Newell . 

+	4	F	iii.	Norma Ellen Brammer  was born on 2 Apr 1892. She died on 28 Sep 1970. 

	5	M	iv.	James H "Jim" Brammer  was born calculated 1894 in KY, USA. 
James married Dettie Florence "Bettie" Cline  daughter of John Henry Cline and Carrie Elmira Clay. Dettie was born on 7 Nov 1893 in Carter Co, Ky. She died on 27 Feb 1982. 

	6	M	v.	Donald Brammer  was born calculated 1896 in KY, USA. 
Donald married Myrtle May Mauk  daughter of William Thomas "Tom" MAUK and Laverne Parsons. Myrtle was born on 28 Oct 1901. 

+	7	F	vi.	Ora Brammer  was born on 7 Aug 1897. She died on 30 Mar 1987. 

+	8	M	vii.	Charles Mason Brammer  was born on 5 May 1903. He died about 1945. 

+	9	M	viii.	Raymond Augustus Brammer  was born on 12 Jun 1907. He died on 10 Mar 1978. 

	10	M	ix.	Russell Brammer .
Russell married (1) Jenny Hern . Jenny was born in Lewis Co, Ky. 
Russell was not married (2) to Reba Kiser 2  daughter of Larken Dodge Kiser and Myrtle Collins. Reba was born on 26 Mar 1913 in Carter Co, KY, USA. She died on 26 Sep 1989. She was buried in Garvin Ridge Cemetery, Olive Hill, Carter Co, KY, USA. 

+	11	F	x.	Thelma Irene Brammer .

James married (2) Anna Duley . 

James married (3) Mintie W Evans 3  daughter of James D Evans and Louisa Thornsberry. Mintie was born on 25 Apr 1877 in KY, USA. She died on 4 Sep 1944 in Carter Co, KY, USA. 

Submitted by: Mike Barker

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