Fleming Low Brown

Fleming was born 17 April 1850 in Blaine, Lawrence Co., Ky or Carter Co.,Ky.

Fleming married (1) Sena E. Porter on 9 June 1871 in Carter, Ky.
Sena was the daughter of Andrew Porter and Lucy Cornett.

Fleming married (2) Molly Flannery before 1892.

Photo originally posted to William T. Hamilton's website

Flem married Seanna E. Porter on 9 June 1871 in  Carter, Ky.. Sena was born 15 Apr 1853 in Blaine, Lawrence, Ky.  or 1856 in Va.
Flem and Sena had the following children:

Tommy Brown, born 1882
Bennie Brown, born 1883 in Ky.
Lillie Brown, born 1880 in Ky.
Margaret “Maggie” Bell Brown, born 22 December 1876 in Elliott Co., Ky. and died in June 1947 in Elliott Co.,Ky.
John Thomas Brown, born in ca1874 in Elliott Co., Ky and died 23 February 1912 in Elliott Co.,Ky.

Flem married Molly Flannery  before 1892. Molly was born January 20, 1864 in Blaine, Lawrence, Ky. and died 28 April 1936 in Ohio

Flem and Molly had the following children:

William Holt Brown, born 12 July 1892 and died 8 April 1952 or 1967 in Ky.
Norma Brown, born in October 1894 in Ky and died in 1973 in Indiana
Oma Grace Brown , born in July 1899 in Ky	and died in 1975 in Philadelphia, Pa.
Chester Arthur Brown, born 15 April 1903 in Ky and died 22 April 1979 in Milwaukee,,Wi

Submitted by: John W. Grace

These photos belong to Annis Gillespie

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Fleming Low Brown

Fleming Low Brown family, 1896
L-R back row Lillie Brown Phillips (dau. of Sena Porter & Flem Brown), Tommie Brown (son of Sena Porter & Flem Brown), Effie Brown Gullett (dau. of Sena Porter & Flem Brown)
L-R front Norma (2 yr old daughter of Flem Brown & Mollie), Mary Mollie Flannery Brown (Flem’s 2nd wife), William Holt Brown (son of Flem & Mollie), Flemming Low Brown.

Fleming Low Brown family

"I am not positive about this labeling."

L-R Bennie Brown (son of Sena Porter & Flem Brown), Norma Brown (dau. of Molly & Flem Brown), Flem Brown (seated), Dee Walltearess Friend,
Clifford Friend (little boy), Chester Arthur Brown (son of Molly & Flem Brown).

"I think this is mislabeled because Bennie would be older than Norma and Chester , and he looks younger according to the label"

Submitted by: J. C. Porter

JC, I have my doubts too...

1. Notice that Flem appears to be about the same age (or younger) than he is in the photo where he alone. 
   I'm very surprised he got rid of the mustache. I would have thought that once a man had wore it since becoming an adult, 
    he would have been averse to shaving it off in his "declining years". Notice that sometimes he wears glasses in photos and sometimes not.

2. My records have Chester Arthur Brown being born in 1903. That would date this photo to about 1906. Flem was born in 1850, 
   so that would make him a very old looking 56. But he actually looks a little younger than in the "mustache" photo.

3. I have Bennie being born in 1883, so in 1906 he's a very young looking 23 year-old.

4. Norma Brown was born in 1894, so she's a very old looking 12 year old.

And all of the foregoing begs the question: where's Molly and the rest of the family?

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