Pauline Bryant

This is a photo of Pauline (Bryant) Nolen, daughter of Cecil and Stella (Duncan) Bryant.

Pauline was born December 18, 1928 in Carter County, died Oct. 10,1996 in Mansfield, Ohio.

She married Woodward Gene Nolen from Carter County on January 31,1949 and they have seven children.

"Her daughter, Cindy Gaubatz, asked me to have the photo posted on our site."

Submitted by: John Cooper

My Mother is pictured here with her her sister Garnett, Wanda Gayle Williams and her sister Barbara Jean. Mom is on the one on the right end.

"In this group picture (one of my favorites), Mom is the one on the left end. If anyone recognizes the others, I sure would like to hear from you."

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"The back of the "bunnie" picture."

Pauline Bryant, Gloria Evans, Evenell Carroll, Billy G. McWilliams and Imogene James

"Pauline Bryant with two of her sisters Alberta and Barb - Mom is in the middle."

"Pauline (my Mom) with sisters Alberta & Barb."

"Pauline Bryant as a young girl."

"Pauline Bryant's baby picture."

"Pauline (Bryant) Nolen, Woodward Gene Nolen (my parents), Carolyn Sue Nolen (me) & my brother Woodward Gene Nolen, Jr.

They were married in 1949 and I was born in 1952 so this was during the early 50's."

Submitted by: Sue Amburgy

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