Bradley Burchett

Bradley Burchett was born July 21 1895 in Carter County, and died in Feb. 1985 in Ohio.
He was the son of Benjamin Franklin Burchett and Martha Ellen Bond.

Submitted by: John Cooper

Bradley W. Burchett and Emile (Clark) Burchett

Bradley was the son of Benjamin F. Burchett III and Martha Ellen Bond Burchett.

He was born 21 Jul 1895 at Smokey Valley, KY, and died 1 Feb 1985.
He was a pharmacist and owned and operated the Mound Park Pharmacy in Portsmouth, OH, until his retirement in 1984.

Submitted by: Jolinda Belcher

Bradley W. Burchett (1895-1985), Emile M. (Clark) Burchett (1897-1975), with children, Elma and Warren, 1920.

"My aunt Garnett (Burchett) Gilbert gave me this picture. Garnett was Dennie S. Burchett's daughter.

Submitted by Andrea Reed Dudley

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