Luke Burchett, Joe Perry and Noah Butler

Luke Burchett was born Feb. 9,1881 in Carter County, the son of Benjamin Franklin Burchett and Martha Ellen Bond.

He was married to Hattie Jessee. Hattie died September 4,1947 in Carter Co., Ky.

I'm not certain about the parents of Joe Perry and Noah Butler, or the boy standing in front. If anyone can help with a positive identification, please contact me.

Submitted by: John Cooper

Luke Burchett

"This picture was given to me by Ted and Loretta Evans of Olive Hill.
They originally belonged to Ted's father Vern Evans.
Vern was one of the first people in Olive Hill to own a camera.
His camera mounted onto a tripod and was operated with a cloth hood.
With the aid of his horse and cart he would visit local events and family reunions in the Olive Hill area,
offering people the option to purchase a portrait of themselves or their family.
Later Vern Evans opened a barbershop in Olive Hill (Vern Evans Barbershop) located on Main Street,
opposite the corner of the Post Office (when Main Street contained business on both sides of the street).
He continued to operate his photography business as a sideline.
Many of these pictures have been taken inside the barbershop.

Submitted by Jolinda Belcher

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