Madison Burchett

Madison Burchett, picture taken in Carter County, approximately 1910.

"My picture is a very young picture, when he hadn't yet grown the moustache. But it is the same Madison Burchett in all these pictures. Mrs. Dean told me Caroline was very feisty and would get upset sometimes and threaten to move out. Madison was very laid-back and would drawl, "Now, why d'you want to do somethin' like that for?"

Submitted by: Mark Jordan

Madison "Matt" Burchett, son of Thomas Aims and Mary Miller Burchett, was born Oct 19,1875 in Carter County and died in 1956. His wife, Caroline Stallard Burchett, was the daughter of Martin and Mary Burton Stallard. She was born Jan 28, 1874 in Carter County and died Nov 8,1964 in Carter Co..

Left to Right: Caroline Stallard Burchett, Madison Burchett, Bill and Ernest Burchett.

Bill and Ernest are sons of Madison and Caroline. They are standing in front of their home on Blueberry Ridge. The house is still standing today.

Madison "Matt" Burchett and sons. I don't know the correct order of Matt's sons in the picture.

Submitted by: John Cooper

Madison "Matt" Burchett is buried at Burchett-Dailey Cemetery in Olive Hill KY.

Submitted by: Eunice Payne

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