William Harvey Butler and Myrtle Francis Stone, photo circa 1952

Knelling: Herman, Mary, Ethel, Lois
Standing: Noah, Raymond, William  "W.H.", Russell, Myrtle, John, Albert

William Harvey Butler was born January 27, 1881 and died September 20, 1963.  He was the son of Elisha Daniel Butler and Lucinda Ann Heilderbrand of Rowan County, Kentucky.  On November 27, 1912 he married Myrtle Francis Stone, born December 12, 1896, the daughter of James Harve and Mary Roe Stone of Lewis County, Kentucky.  Myrtle died September 23, 1982.

A short time after they married W. H. and Myrtle moved to Olive Hill, Carter County, Kentucky. W. H. was employed at Harbison-Walker Refractories.  He operated the "dinkie" on the "tram road" and hauled clay to the brick plant. He later worked in the engine room. Myrtle was a hard working wife and mother, but always found time to help others. They served as school trustees and helped organize the Henderson Branch Christian Holiness Church.

They were the parents of twelve children, three of whom died at an early age. They raised seven sons and two daughters.

James Russell (August 26, 1914 - January 24, 1961) married Lilla Waugh (August 5, 1917 - March 3, 1995) and they had three children:  Edward Eugene, Jewel Loretta and Delmis Lloyd.  Russell was wounded while serving in the Navy in W.W.II.

Raymond Ora (April 18, 1919) married Margie Rose (January 16, 1922) and they have five children: Charlotte, Patricia, Phillip, Raymond, Jr. and Jeffery.  Raymond served in the Army in W.W.II.

Herman Rex (June 15, 1921 - January 4, 1977) married Ina Keaton (September 4, 1925 - June 15, 1990) and they had two sons: Anthony Rex and Timothy. Herman was in the National Guard and was in one of the first groups called to duty in W.W.II.  He served in North Africa and Europe and received a Purple Heart after being wounded.

John Edward (February 3, 1925) married Norma Stallard (May 2, 1925 - September 3, 1981), and they raised two children: John, Jr. and Susan.  John served in the Air Force in W.W.II and was stationed in England.  On a bombing mission over Germany his plane was shot down, and John was a POW for seven months.  John and his present wife, Pauline are active in church work.

Noah Robert (June 27, 1923 - April 4, 1996) was injured in an automobile accident when he was nine days old and was handicapped the rest of his life. His greatest joy was going to church.

Ethel Edith (March 30, 1927) went to Mansfield, Ohio where she married James Lookabaugh (June 13, 1927).  They have one son, Dennis.  Ethel is very active in her church.

Lois Hayden (May 21, 1932) married Janet Lee Rice (February 28, 1936), and they have two daughters: Rebecca and Tena.  Lois served in the Army in Korea and became a computer operator/programmer at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana.

Albert Hubert (July 19, 1934) married Marjorie Sue Clay (October 14, 1937), and they have four children: Kathleen, Debra, David and Thomas. Al served in the Air Force in Iceland and New Mexico. Albert is a self employed electrician, and Sue is completing her college degree.

Mary (September 28, 1936) married Thomas Grubb (January 8, 1937), and they have two sons: Victor Wayne and Thomas, Jr.  Mary retired after teaching school thirty-one years in the Carter County School System, and Tom retired after selling his automobile repair shop.

Submitted by Lois & Janet Butler

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