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Washington McClelland Campbell and family, ca1905

The back row is Lulu Mae Campbell. "My grandfather called her "Lulie". Lulu was 12 when her mother died.
Lulu quit school and took care of the family so they could stay together.
Later, when the family lived in Jamestown, North Dakota, she went back to school at age 16 and finished her schooling.
Lulu married Thomas Brackeen. He was an engine fireman.
Lulu and Tom adopted a boy and shortly afterward had a boy of their own. Tom died young when the train he was working on
tipped over and he was scalded to death. I think it hit another train, but I'm not sure.
Lulu later married Ebrit Crye, who was my Dad's brother. Ebrit was 18 and Lulu was 35 when they married.
Lulu used the insurance money from Thomas' insurance to allow the family to move to Wisconsin where her father opened a store.

The boy next to Lulu is Tom Campbell. Tom was in the Army during the First World War and contacted TB soon after.

Next to Tom is Perry Campbell. Perry was in the Navy in the First World War. He married my Dad's sister.
After his three girls were born he contracted TB ad was hospitalized for many years.

On the left in the second row is my grandfather, Washington McClelland Campbell.
He was born in February 1865 in Elliott County, Ky., the son of Dr. Thomas Jefferson Campbell and Cynthia (Brown) Campbell.
My grandfather was a farmer when I knew him but as mentioned, he had been a storekeeper in Wisconsin.
Washington first married Rachel Walker in Carter Co., Ky.
After Rachel's death, my grandfather married Missouri Boggs in 1906 and moved to Jamestown, North Dakota.
My grandfather's daughter is now (2006) 99 years of age and lives near my grandpa's old homeplace.
Washington and Missouri had more than seven children together.

The next girl is Lucretia Campbell, called Cresie by her family. She married Ben Madsen
and lived on a farm near Salem, Oregon. They had three children.

Next to Lucretia is my grandmother, Rachel (Walker) Campbell. She died of Consumption and an early age.
There is a photo of Rachel's step-brother, Jeremiah Walker on the Carter Co., web site.

The first boy in the front row is Leonard Campbell.
After serving in the Army in World War I, Leonard first settled on a farm in Wisconsin and later moved to Chicago.
His son, Leonard Jr., lives in California.

The baby girl on Rachel's lap is my mother, Ina Campbell. Ina was just a year old when Rachel died.
My mother married Art Crye when she was 17 and he was 19.

"Lulu's children are all gone. She has a grandson living in Georgia that I am in touch with once in a great while. Perry's children are all living and we are close.
Three live around Milwaukee, one in California and his son lives in North Carolina. There are some others left from the first family. Soon I will send you
a picture of Ken who died about two months ago and Ora who is the only one still living from the second marriage to Missouri Boggs."

Submitted by: Caroll Noyes

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