Gene Carroll

This photo taken at Camp Mammoth Cave.

Names written on the photo are Gene Carroll (far left), Robert Fultz, Windom Ingold, and Bennie Jenkins.

Dated December 19, 1933.

There are names listed on this photo of Camp Mammoth Cave, Co. 510. I am not exactly sure which name goes with which face. I am sure that Gene Carroll is the third from the left.

The photo reads, "D. (Dudley M.) Plummer, G. (Gene) Carroll, E. (Everett) Pence, B. (Bennie F.) Jenkins, W. Ingold, (S. Slone got killed in ?unreadable?."

Dated December, 19, 1933.

"Hard working group of boys" at Camp Mammoth Cave. Photo dated December 19, 1933. Gene Carroll is standing on the right side of the tree.

Submitted by: S. Holland

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