Left to right, front row: Jessie (Carroll) Bellew, Gaythel (Valandingham) Carroll, and June (Carroll) Fultz, with husbands
left to right, rear: Homer Bellew, Allen Carroll, and Willis Fultz

Photo taken in Carter County in 1949.

Picture of Mildred Gipson, and Jessie (Carroll) Bellew (1922-2004)

Jessie (Carroll) Bellew with daughters Elaine(holding) and Phyllis (Bellew) Wallace.

Photo taken in 1949 in Carter City, Ky.

Jessie (Carroll) Bellew with daughter Phyllis (Bellew) Wallace.

Photo taken in 1945 at home in Leon, Ky.

Left to right: BJ Carroll, June (Carroll) Fultz, Jessie (Carroll) Bellew, Ruthie (Carroll) King, Vaughn Carroll, Elwood Carroll, Martha (Carroll) Wilson, Sidney Carroll.

Photo taken at Echo Canyon, Carter Caves, family reunion, before 1991.

William J. (BJ) Carroll (1938 - 2001) 
Sidney Albert Carroll (1929 - 2000) 
Martha Carroll (1932 - ) 
June Helen Carroll (1920 - ) 
Juanita Ruth Carroll (1941 - ) 
Jessie Carroll (1922 - 2004) 
James Vaughn Carroll (1924 - ) 
Elwood Matthew Carroll (1927 - 1991) 

Back row (L to R) Mildred Gipson, John Gipson, Vaughn Carroll, Ellwood Carroll, Jessie Carroll (in hat).

1st row (L to R) Sidney Carroll, Ercel Carroll and Martha Carroll

Photo taken at the homeplace, Fultz, KY in the late 1930's or early 1940's.

1st row (L to R) BJ Carroll, Mart Littleton, Allen Carroll

Standing (L to R) Jessie Carroll, Mildred Gipson, Vaughn Carroll

Photo taken in Carter Co., Ky., about 1940.

Martin Littleton (1915 - 1976) 
William J. (BJ) Carroll (1938 - 2001) 
Stanley Allen Carroll (1917 - ) 
Jessie Carroll (1922 - 2004) 
James Vaughn Carroll (1924 - )  

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This picture of Jessie (Carroll) Bellew was taken in Fultz, Ky.

Phyllis Wallace has the original.

This photo of my aunt Jessie (Carroll (Bellew) given to my cousin Kevin by her grandson..

Submitted by: Patty Townsend

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