Asberry and Mahala (Curnutte) Carter

"This is a Carter family group surrounding my great grandparents, Asberry and Mahala (Curnutte) Carter. The only people I can identify here are my ggrandparents in the direct center, seated. I surmize that this was taken on Carter Branch circa 1920. This is one of only two photos I've ever seen of my Carter ggrandparents."


Post card from "June" to Asberry Carter

"At first I thought that this post card was sent by Sarah "Sade" (Carter) Tackett because Chet Tackett had written on it "Boat Mom worked on." I recognize Chet's handwriting. However, it is certainly signed "June."

"Eunine "June" Carter, was Sade Carter's sister. Sade, though married three times, never had children. Sarah Elizabeth "Sade" (Carter) Tackett, was the widow of Steve Tackett. Steve died 6 June 1910 and was buried in the Carter Cemetery on Carter Holler off Lower Stinson."

"June and Sade were daughters of Asberry and Mahala (Curnutte) Carter. Sade and June were sisters of my grandfather, Lafe Carter."

"This card, you'll note, was postmarked in Portsmouth, Ohio in 1916. June sent it to her father at Afton, Kentucky. Sade's son, Chester "Chet" Tackett, had been living with Asberry and Mahala after the death of his father, though I'm unsure if Chet was living with them at this time."

"I hadn't known that Sade had worked on a river boat but I did know that she had to work, as a single mother, to support her children." The only conclusion I can draw is that perhaps June and Sade worked on that same boat."


Submitted by: Joel L. Carter

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