Lafayette Carter

"Here's a pic of my grandfather, Lafayette "Lafe" Carter.

The dog is remembered almost as much as my grandfather. It's name was "Sad Eye Sun Tag" which may have been a corruption of something partly German: "Sadeye Sunday."

I believe this was taken at what's remembered as the Carter home place on Carter Branch."

"Lafe is on the right. I don't know the name of the other person, he may be he may be one of Lafe's younger brothers; either Oscar or John. This photo was cropped from a pic that belonged to my grandmother, Lafe's wife, Rosena (Burton) Carter. I believe this was taken at the Carter home place on Carter Branch."

Lafayette Carter and Andy Carter.

Photo courtesy of Shelly Carter.

"This photo was undoubtedly was taken on Carter Branch. Shelly notes the date as circa 1943. Lafe Carter is Shelly's great grandfather; the father of her grandfather, Roy Carter Sr. Andy Carter is Shelly's father. Larry Carter would be her uncle."

"The image of Lafe Carter is only the third of him that I've ever seen. Lafe was my paternal grandfather. Roy Carter Sr., then, would be my paternal uncle; the brother of my father, Leonard Carter."

Submitted by: Joel Carter

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