Virgie Carter

"This is Virgie Carter, but I am unsure if this is Hugh Withrow with her."

Photo is from the estate of Chester Tackett.

Submitted by: Joel Carter

"Harvey "Hugh" Withrow lives on Carter Branch with two of his daughters, in a house he built '33-'34. He was 105 years old in December (2005). He is almost deaf and his speech is very difficult to understand." I hadn't seen him in probably 15 years until last fall. After his daughter explained to him who I am he immediately knew me. In trying to clarify some family relationships, I asked Hugh if Steve Stephens was my great grandfather's (Thomas Burton) father-in-law. I wasn't even sure that Uncle Hugh had understood or even heard me. He continued to sit there for five or so minutes. All at once he said, "brother-in-law." We have since discovered that he was correct. Of course, he was only 104 then." "Every year the Grayson paper does a blurb on him." Joel Carter.

Photo submitted by Ben Carter.

Virgie (Carter) Withrow, ca1982.

Photos were taken at Hugh Withrow's home on Carter Branch. The house was torn down some years ago.

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