William Cheeks and Annabelle Clay, circa 1940

Pictured are William Cheeks and Annabelle Clay Cheeks.  William was born on December 20, 1906 in Ironton, Ohio and died on March 5, 1993.  William is buried in Mineral Ridge, Ohio.  His father was Watt Cheeks, died 1907 and is buried at the Mel-Con Cem. in Carter Co.  His mother was Pearl Burton Cheeks Cline.  Pearl was born May 6, 1885 in Sandy Hook, Elliott Co., Ky., died May 30, 1973 and is buried in Mineral Ridge, Oh.  William married Annabelle Clay on September 29, 1931 at her home and was married by Rev. Jesse Collins, a first cousin.  Annabelle was born November 2, 1914 in Elliott Co., Ky.  Her father was Millard Clay, born January 10, 1876 and died January 24, 1930 in Carter Co., Ky.  Millard is buried at the Haywood Cem. on Mushroom Rd.  Her mother was Maggie Nora Haywood, born on August 5, 1880 in Boyd Co., Ky., died June 26, 1961 in Niles, Oh. and buried in Mineral Ridge, Oh.  William and Annabelle lived on Mushroom Rd. near the Haywood Cem. before they moved to Niles, Ohio.

The children of William and Annabelle:
1. Florence Marie, born October 18, 1933, died October 24, 1933 and buried at Haywood Cem., Carter Co., Ky.
2. Girl, stillborn.
3. Yvonne Jolene, married Brascue Adkins.
4. John, married Eleanor Shobel.
5. Monelle, married Joseph Pascarella.
6. Ruth Ann, married Eugene Longo.
7. Eulah Louise, married William Otis Gilliam and James D. Copenhaver.
8. Phyllis Doris, married Robert Alexander.
9. William Paul, married Geneva Cayten.
10. Linda Sue, married Marc Stevens and John D. Pittano.
11. Rickey William, married Gina Iezzi.

Submitted by  Linda Cheeks Pittano

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