William Martin Clay and Stella T. (Loomis) Clay.

William was the son of Millard and Maggie (Haywood) Clay.

William Martin Clay, born 22 Dec 1906 in Elliott Co., Ky.; died 04 Dec 2000 in Niles, Trumbull Co., Oh.

He met (1) Rose Anna Zola "Annie" Hall, daughter of Jerry Hall and Nancy (unk).  
She was born in Lawton, Carter Co., Ky., and died Bet. 1970 - 1979 in Morehead, Rowan Co., Ky..  

He married (2) Stella T. Loomis 09 Nov 1932, daughter of Ezra Loomis and Mary Bailey.  
She was born 07 Nov 1907 in Carter Co., Enterprise, Ky., and died 13 Aug 1976 in Trumbull Co., Warren, Oh..  

He married (3) Anna Dee Conn 09 Feb 1983 in Rowan Co., Ky. daughter of Melvin Conn and Martha Cline.  
She was born 18 Apr 1898, and died 12 Apr 1987 in Ky.
Child of William Clay and Rose Hall is:

 i. Harold12 Clay, born in Soldier, Carter Co., Ky.
Children of William Clay and Stella Loomis are:

 i. Glen12 Clay  

 ii. Thomas Will Roscoe Clay, born 22 Oct 1934 in Carter  Co., Ky. 

 iii. Hollie E. Clay, born 02 Mar 1936 in Carter  Co., Ky. 

 iv. James Estil Clay, born in Tygart Creek, Carter Co., Ky..

 v. Harry Mark Clay, born 10 Mar 1939 in Carter  Co., Ky. 
 vi. Lula Belle Clay, in Lawton, Carter Co. Ky..

 vii. Maggie Clay  06 Sep 1942 in Carter  Co., Ky..

 viii. Cecil Jackson Clay, born in Sandy Hook, Elliott Co., Ky..

ix. Joseph Wayne Clay, in Warren, Trumbull Co. ,Oh.

x. Millard Martin Clay, born in Warren, Trumbull Co., Oh..

 xi. Gladys Marie Clay, born in Niles, Trumbull Co., Oh..

 xii. Mary Elizabeth Clay,in Warren, Trumbull Co. ,Oh.

xiii. Liza Jane Clay, born in Warren, Trumbull Co. ,Oh.

Submitted by: Linda Cheeks Pittano

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