George Marion Clevenger and Chloe Ann (Bledsoe) Clevenger

Chloe Ann (Bledsoe) Clevenger died Oct. 26,1969. She was born on Jan. 31,1934.

Both were from Carter County, Ky.

George Marion Clevenger, right across from him is Ellis Blevins
and at the head of the table is Ellis Father at the end of the table is Ellis Mother. Clay Camp Road.

"Dad (George Marion Clevenger) he is telling me that was his class room, he would sneak out that window an skip school. The school is in Grayson."

"Geneva (Clevenger) Hall and her half brother, George Marion Clevenger, Their father was John Quincy Clevenger."

This photo was taken at Four Mile Church. Geneva and George went to school there.

George Marion Clevenger (on the left), US Army days. He may have been in Germany.

George Marion Clevenger at Central Park in Ashland Kentucky in 1970 with his kids, Jean Miller and her children.

Judy, Bertha, Jerry, Mike are the childrens behind the man. The children on the left side of the table are Bev and AG Miller.

Submitted by: Brenda

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