Elzaphen Cline, and his wife Alice Wild Ross

Children of Elzaphen Cline, and his wife Alice Wild Ross

The children of Alice and Elzaphen Cline are:

Lessie M. Cline b. July 13,1888

Edwin M. Cline b. Feb 24,1891

Lula Jane Cline "Jane " b. Sep 12,1879 in New Paris, Preble Co. Ohio

William Nelson Cline "Will" b. April 30, 1882 Prairie City, IA

Catherine Olive Cline "Kate" "Ollie " b. Mar 2, 1878 Olive Hill, Carter KY

Lottie Mable Cline "Mable " b. Feb 3, 1881 New Paris, Preble Co. OH
Fredrick Arthur Cline b. Feb 18, 1884 Prairie City, IA

Jesse Dean Cline aka John D. Cline & J. D. Cline b. July 20,1886 Prairie City, IA

Elzaphen Cline, and his wife Alice Wild Ross

Elzaphen Cline

The older man in the back center is Elzaphen Cline, born April 17,1852 in Olive Hill (Sinking Creek), Carter Co. Ky..

He died Sep 29, 1939, Des Moines, Iowa. He was buried on Oct. 1, 1939 in the Waveland Cemetery, Prairie City, Jasper, IA.
He was a member of the Methodist Church of Prairie City, Jasper Co. Iowa.
Elza was the son of William Harrison Cline and Malinda Offill.

To the right of Elza is his wife, Nancy Alice Ross. They were married April 20, 1877 in the home of her father John Nelson Ross in Carter County, KY by Rev. W. Durham. Alice was born Nov. 17, 1859 in Olive Hill, Carter, KY (tombstone says b.1860), and died Aug 6, 1938 in DesMoines, Ia. Her name is more commonly given as Alice Wild Ross. The young woman to the right of Alice is her daughter, Lulu Jane. Standing to the right of Lulu is probably her husband, James Offill Ross ("J" on the photo). Lulu and James were first cousins. The woman standing in front of Elza, a little to the left, is Lottie Mabel Cline (Lulu's sister). The man to the left of Mabel (identified as "Will" on the photo) is almost certainly William Nelson Cline, brother to Lulu and Lotte.
Will certainly doesn't look much like the rest of the family. The children are Lulu's, named Hazel and Russell.

Elzaphen and Alice Cline

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Probably Elzaphen Cline

801 Academy Ave., York, Nebraska

The home of Elzaphen and Alice Cline (I think). Reportedly, their son, Jesse Dean Cline lived in York, Neb., so this could have been his home.

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