Joseph Cooper

My great grandfather, Joseph Cooper, was born January 13, 1847, but it's not clear if he was born in Carter or Lewis County. He died July 10,1922 in Lewis County and is buried at the Blankenship Cemetery. He is the son of Hiram B. and Sarah Catherine Stafford Cooper, and the husband of Mary Jane Stafford.

The baby on Joe's lap is Lydia Knapp. The woman standing on the porch is Lydia's mother, Bessie Cooper Knapp. Bessie was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Stafford Cooper and was born May 11,1895. Bessie marrried William Thomas Knapp. Their daughter, Lydia, was born Sept 25,1916. It follows that the picture was taken around 1917, based on the age of the baby. Lydia appears to be less than a year old to me.

Submitted by: John Cooper

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