George Counts

This photo was in the possession of Mrs. Glenn Sparks. The photo is in an album which formally belonged to Reuben Fletcher Ross.
This is in all probabilty the George Counts who was the husband of Reuben's daughter, Eunice Ross.

Submitted by: John W. Grace - jwgrace99 at

Just recently I sent you a note on the photo of Homer L. Counts that you had posted some time back on the Carter Page.

You mentioned that the photo had come from an album which formally belonged to Reuben Fletcher Ross.

You also posted a photo of George Counts which came from the same album but mentioned that you were not sure which George Counts 
this was since there were two George Counts in Carter County .

Since both of these photos came from the same album I suspect that this is a photo of George C. Counts, the father of Homer and husband of Eunice Ross. 
He was about 33 years of age in 1900. The other George Counts shown in the 1900 census were born in 1823, 1852, and 1880. 
The first two can probably be ruled out because of age. Assuming this is a photo and not a tintype then it was probably made after 1880 and 
from the dress I would suspect close closer to 1900 or a little after.

The George that was born in 1880 might fit but he was the son of Albert and they lived in the Iron Hill area and don’t appear to have a close 
tie to the Ross family.

I know it is circumstantial but it seems to fit that this would be George Christopher Counts who was first married to Eunice Ross, 
daughter of Reuben Fletcher Ross. What other George Counts would have a reason to be in the album?

GEORGE CHRISTOPHER COUNTS, his Kentucky Death Certificate gives his full name. His date of birth is given as May 16, 1866 
and his date of death as March 16, 1947. His father is shown as Samuel Counts and his mother as Mary Rucker. 
His place of death was Counts Cross Roads, Carter County and the informant was Sgt. Henry Counts of Ft. Knox , Kentucky. 
His place of burial is given as Pleasant Valley and his wife’s name is Margaret. The Old Cemetery Index on the Carter page does show George C. Counts, 
husband of Margaret buried at Pleasant Valley . The dates match the death certificate. It appears that George was married three times. 
Homer was by his first wife, Eunice Ross. After Eunuce's death, he then married Elizabeth “Lizzie” Easterling,
who is shown with him in the 1910 census. They had Normal, Ermal and Henry. Lizzie died on January 4, 1914 and is buried in the 
Easterling Cemetery in Carter County. He then married Margaret O. Counts and they had Myrtle and Mildred. 
Margaret O., wife of George is also buried at Pleasant Valley . Her dates are January 25, 1880 to February 17, 1961. 

Submitted by David Tucker

E-861. GEORGE CHRISTOPHER COUNTS (05-16-1866;03-17-1947) m (1) Eunice Ross (mother of HOMER); m (2) Jenny Withrow (mother of HONOLULU); on 07-24-1904 m (3) Elizabeth "Lizzie" Easterling (10-09-1871;01-04-1914) (mother of NORMA, ERMAL, HENRY, & MYRTLE); & m (4) Margaret Owens (mother of MILDRED & MELVIN). GEORGE lived on the family farm at Counts Crossroads, in CarCo, Ky, where he built a new house when his father's house burned; was a farmer & a school teacher; was known in the area for reading a little black book, in which he jotted down information, while riding a horse (When asked a question he would reply "I don't know, but I'll look in my little book"); was a writer & poet with a poem published; & served as County Court Clerk in CarCo because he was a good "scribe". Elizabeth b Stinson,CarCo; d from typhoid fever. After Elizabeth's d GEORGE corresponded with Margaret & went to AL to marry her. So: BARBARA J. HALL 2002 (H-3988) & HENRY COUNTS (F-2080m) from memory 2002. SSo: JEFF ROE (H-4074l) Ch:

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