Homer L. Counts

This photo is in the possession of Mrs. Glenn Sparks. The photo is in an album which formally belonged to Reuben Fletcher Ross.

Homer was the son of Eunice (Ross) Counts.

Reuben Ross (my great uncle) sold Homer some land in 1918 ("for $1 and love and affection"),
and Homer's first born son was named "Harlan" (also Reuben's son's name). Eunice was Rueben's daughter who died in 1894 at age 31.
All of Reuben's seven daughters died young, as well as his wife, Theresa Ellen Offill.

Reverse side of the photo

Submitted by: John W. Grace - jwgrace99 @ yahoo.com

This photo is of the Homer L. Counts who was the son of George Christopher Counts.

Homer L. Counts and his family were living in Maine at the 1920 census and he is shown as being in the Army.

Note the "leggings" in the photo and the outfit he is wearing looks somewhat military.

"It appears that most researchers show that Homer L. Counts was married to Nettie M. “unknown”.
Her first name and middle initial is taken from Maine census records."

Maine Marriage, 1892-1996

Groom’s Name: Homer L. Counts

Groom’s Residence: Olive Hill, Kentucky

Bride’s Name: Nettie M. Hodgkins

Bride’s Residence: Portland, Maine

Marriage Date: July 7, 1916

Submitted by David Tucker

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