Sanders Crawford and Lavina Warnock (photo circa 1895)

Their home was in the Carter Caves area of Carter County.&nbs.

Sanders was born 12 Jan 1812 or 16 Feb 1812 and died 12 Feb 1887. 
Lavina was born 25 Dec1818 and died in 1901.
Sanders was a traveling preacher.

You can also see in the picture that Lavina's mouth is twisted.
She had had a stroke and that had pulled her face.
If you look at her eyes, you can barely see the outlines of her little round eyeglasses she is wearing.
Lavina's family, the Warnocks, (mainly her uncles) owned approximately 650 acres of what is now the Carter Caves State Park.

Sanders Crawford

Submitted by: Cathy Abernathy

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