Grandville Davis and Ida (Alexander) Davis

Submitted by: Pam Kelly Miller I have this same photo as my great-grandparents home and I can identify each person in that photo as my family. We each have the same year of the photo circa 1909. I identified the girl standing on the top step of the porch as my great aunt Ethel Kelley, who married George Davis, who in my research, may possibly be the son of Grandville and Ida Davis. I have a picture of my grandfather David, and his younger sister Grace, on the steps of that home in about 1914, plus another photo of my grandfather wearing the same hat he is wearing on the porch of this home photo in question. I know my grandfather and his siblings went to school in Music, for I have a couple of their school books. I have a photo of Ethel and George if the Davis family could identify him as family. Ethel died in 1916 and my great grandparents raised their daughter Blanche, so I do not know what became of George, in order to prove his parentage. I inherited all my photos from my father's collection after he passed. Is there a way to find out where the submitter of this photo obtained it and the info regarding it? Does this person know the people in the photo? Here is the photo in question. It had writing on it when I found it, which does not appear in the photo submitted to the Carter Co. site. I added the people and dates on the bottom and have it framed on my wall. I have an original copy stored away. I do not know where the exact original is or where it came from. I believe that is my grandfather's writing on it.

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