"Here are a few pics of William and Edna along with Laura, Ercel and Ceceilia.
My grandmothers side of the family is originally from Antigo/White Lake area.
I suppose they all got together on both sides of the family since they all had Langlade in common."

Laura DeBord with her children and grandchildren

On the left is my grandmother, Edna (William DeBord's wife), then Marion (Edna's sister), and then Laura DeBord.
The woman in front may be Ruby.
"The woman second from left in back row between Laura and Edna sure looks like my Grand Aunt Mary DeBord, d/o Levi and Judah Skaggs"

"My Grandparents are the two people that are not identified on the far right of the back row.

Millard DeBord son of Levi and his wife Lorrain DeBord (Powell)."

"I descend from Levi and Laura. My grandfather was Levi and Laura's son Millard. I was only about 6 weeks old when Millard passed
away from lung cancer so I never got a chance to know him. I just today found your reply from a year ago to a post
I made in 2009 asking for information on Levi. I am going to Kentucky on vacation and would like to try to find any info
about Levi's first family and where any of Levi's ancestors lived and are buried. My father (Loren) tells me his father (Millard)
told him they lived in the Moorehead, KY area when he was a boy before they moved from Kentucky.

Levi and Laura are buried in the cemetery in Bryant,WI. My dad visits the cemetery a couple times a year and puts flowers on the graves."

Submitted by: Rick DeBord

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L to R: Ethel (Powell) DeBord, Chester DeBord, Laura (Williams) Cunningham DeBord, Tootsie?, Cecelia (Unk) DeBord, Ercel DeBord holding son Ronald DeBord

Submitted by: Mike Sekerak and Kevin DeBord

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