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Ida Mae (Fultz) Dehart and son Jack.

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Jack and Mary (Boggs) DeHart

Jack and Wilma DeHart

Jack Douglas DeHart, son of William Roscoe DeHart and Ida Mae (Fultz) DeHart.

Jack was the son husband of Mary Alice (Boggs) DeHart.

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Russel Rayburn and Jack Douglas DeHart

Submitted by: Robert & Lucy Laughlin

This is a photo of Jack DeHart with his best friend, Russel Rayburn.
The Rayburn family and the DeHart families were friends for years and years.

Russel's father was George Rayburn and his mother was mother Effie Rayburn who lived in Lawton but owned businesses in Olive Hill.
Russel's brother was the former Mayor of Olive Hill, Mayor "Skinny" Rayburn.
Russel had a brother, "Junior" Rayburn and a sister, Margorie (Rayburn) Duval.
I knew these people when I was growing up as a child, we were all neighbors and were in and out of each others homes.
Russel may have had other siblings but I do not recall. Russel died as a young father in a terrible car accident that decapitated him.
Dad was asked to go with the Henderson's to identify him. Russel and Rosewood had two sons, Phillip the youngest and J. R. the oldest, Russel.
His family lived on College Hill next to Red Rose and Eveline.

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