Coi Shepard, and Paris Duncan.

Paris Duncan was born in 1895, the oldest son of Charles Duncan and Cynthia Blankenship.

Submitted by: J. C. Porter

Paris Duncan and Mary (Mosier) Duncan.

Paris Duncan and Mary Mosier.

"Cathy said Mary was Paris's fourth wife."

Cathy wrote: "I got this info from Paris grandaughter."

Wife #1: Cordial Maggard, one son, Raymond Duncan

#2 Susie Icens (Susie Icesings). They had two children: Thema and Kenith.

#3 Sarah Nicley, No children

#4 Mary Mosier, No children

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Paris is in the car. The woman is his wife (I don't know which on).

Submitted by: Sue Amburgy

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