Arnold Dyer and Ina McClain, circa 1930

Arnold Dyer and Ina McClain were the original owner and operator of Dyer’s Grayson Appliance.  They assumed ownership of the business in 1951; the location was South Hord Street below the Wilhoit Law Office.   The business consisted of the sale and servicing of home appliances, bedding, radio’s, and the big item was the radio record player combination.   The popularity of the television grew dramatically in the early 1950's.  In 1951 Grayson Appliance sold the first TV in Carter County, to Mr. Harper then editor of the Journal Enquirer.  The store remained on Hord Street until 1960 when they moved to the new location on West Main Street next door to Satterly and Phillips Funeral Home.  Ina McClain Dyer became one of  Grayson, Kentucky's best known businesswomen.

Submitted by Carolyn Wilson Dyer

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