Robert Erwin and Pina "Piny" Thomas, photo circa 1901

Front (left to right):  Ranal Erwin, Dovie ErwinDavis, Van Everett Davis and Angeline Flosie ErwinTackett.
Back (left to right):  Robert Erwin, Flora Dennis Alexander (Piny's daughter from a previous marriage), and Pina "Piny" ThomasErwin.

        Robert Erwin was born 8/5/1865 in Carter Co., Ky., the s/o Thomas Jackson and Martha Patsy StamperErwin and was the paternal grandson of John Leander (b. 10/1/1791 in Burke Co., NC.) and Elizabeth Dickenson (b. 2/29/1804 Russell Co., VA) Erwin.  Robert was the maternal grandson of John "Pewter John" Stamper (b. 12/5/1800 Cherokee, Ash Co., NC) and Sarah "Sallie" Stamper (b. 11/15/1799 in Kentucky).  Note:  John and Sarah were Stamper cousins.  Robert m. 1st  Sarah Higgins, 2nd  Lucy M. Johnson and 3rd  Pina "Piny" Thomas. Robert and Sarah had no children.  Robert and Lucy had one daughter, Mortie Erwin b. 2/19/1889 m. William Davis.

The children of Robert and Piny were:
1) Dovie b. 11/15/1894 d. 4/19/1980 m. Elbert Davis b.9/10/1885 d. 6/6/1965 the s/o Stephen and Valinda Rabourn Davis. Ch:  a)  Lovell Layne Davis b. 6/3/1913 d. 11/11/1985 m. 10/7/1935 Bertha Kee.  Lovell served as Grayson City Councilman from 1970-1978; b) Ruby Davis b. 10/21/1914 m. 1/27/1932 William "Willie" Lee Burnett, b. 8/31/1911 d. 6/1/1977, s/o Henry and Lucy WickerBurnett; c) Van Everett "Pete" b. 7/25/1919 d. 5/17/1962 m. 11/2/1946 Eileen Mayo b. 1930, d/o Virgil and Sadie Mayo.

2) Van Everett b. 1/14/1896 m. Rebecca Jude.  Ch: a) Bernard, b) Audrey, c) Brady, d) Hershel, e) Bruce, f) Anna,
g) Dixie, h) Van, i)  Toni, j) Charles, k) Donna, l) Ruby and m) Douglas.  In addition to his baker's dozen, Van also raised his grandson, Scott Craig Erwin.

3) Ranal b. 7/31/1897 d. 4/17/1988 m. Bessie Stamper, b. 11/3/1900 d. 11/13/1982 d/o James and Jinnoah Jessee Stamper.

4) Angeline Flosie b. 4/7/1900 d. 11/27/1995 m. 10/9/1920 Arthur Tackett.  Ch:  a) Violet, b) Dorothy "Dottie", c) Coy, d) Deloris Ann.

5)  Ransom b. 4/27/1901 d. 11/20/1912.  Ransom died when Jim Erwin's steam-powered mill exploded.  The explosion also killed Rob Hedge, Bob Baker and Mathias James.

6) Robert "Robbie" J., Jr., b. 2/24/1903 d. 9/15/1978 m. 3/1/1926 Norah B. Lambert.  Ch:  a) Irene F., b) Kenneth Paul, c) Tilmon Anthony, d) Pauline "Patsy", e) Earl Leo "Skeet", f) June.

7) Alta Hazel b. 1906 m. 11/20/1924 Roy Counts.  Ch:  Bernard Counts.

8) Ollie Mae b. 1907 m. 6/21/1924 Floyd DeHart.  Ch: Bobby Tunas DeHart.  Robert also raised Piny's daughter, Flora Dennis, from her first marriage.

Submitted by  Garrett and Sherry Lowe

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