Lafayette Everman 1853-1942 and Victoria (Lee) Everman 1861-1942.

This photo was taken in 1936.

Lafayette Everman and Victoria (Lee) Everman.

This photo was taken in 1934.

Lafayette and Victoria had the following children:

      George Washington
      James Nelms
      Tivis Anthony
      Ella Belle
      Francis Marion
      Emma Boone

Pictures belong to their granddaughter Minnie Victoria Everman

Standing: Lafayette Everman and General Jackson (1864-1927).

Sitting: Victoria (Lee) Everman and Minnie (Porter) Jackson (1872-1962).

General and Minnie (Porter) Jackson were the parents of America Jackson (1899-1977).
America was the wife of Francis Marion Everman and the daughter of General and Minnie Jackson.

Submitted by: Mary Littleton

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