Left to right:

Woodrow Everman, Clyde Everman, Willis Everman, Russell Everman, Tillman Underwood

Boys in front:

Edgar Everman, Arthur Everman

Mable and Russell Everman.

Mable was born on March 3, 1907. Russell was born October 17, 1908.

"Russell was my father."

Submitted by: Patricia Myers

William Russell Everman.

William was born 17 Oct 1908 in Charlotte Furnace, Carter, Kentucky
and died 11 May 1990 in San Bernardino, California

HEwas the son of John David Lee Everman (1888 1959) and Laura Gertrude Ramey (1886 1958)

William married Mary Arminnie Bradford

Submitted by Bill McGinnis

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