Jesse Glover and Onie Dean, circa 1920

Jesse Glover was born on June 7, 1891 in Carter Co., Ky.  Jesse was the son of William J. Glover and Sibie Bowen Glover.  Jesse married Onie Dean on July 20, 1912 in Olive Hill, Carter Co., Ky.  Onie was born on September 27, 1896 Carter Co., Ky.  Onie was the daughter of Andrew J. Dean and Christina Ray Dean.

The children of Jesse and Onie (all born in Carter Co.):
William,  born Jul 5,1914
Bulah, born Dec 9,1915
Elbert, born Jun 23,1919
Raymond, born Apr 4,1921
Jesse, Jr., born Jul 8, 1923
Allen, born May 20,1925

Jesse Glover was shot at his home by Webster "Web" Rivers on October 25, 1924 in Carter Co., Ky. and died October 26, 1924 at Ashland General Hospital in Boyd Co., Ky.  Onie Glover died on September 9, 1982 in Anderson, Madison Co., Indiana. This picture was taken at their home in Upper Tygart, Carter Co., Ky.

The story behind the shooting is as follows: Web Rivers came to Jesse's house drunk and was swearing in front of Jesse's children.  Jesse asked him to leave which angered Web.  Web pulled out a gun and shot Jesse.  This was what was reported in the Ashland newspaper on Oct 27, 1924 on the front page of the newspaper.

Submitted By Becky Glover Kendall

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