Bert and Chris Gose

"Wonderful photos, actually postcards, I've inherited belatedly, from the estate of Chester Tackett, who grew up on Carter "Holler" just off Upper Stinson near Grayson."

"This is a photo of Chris and Bertha (Burton) Gose on their wedding day. Bertha was a sister of Rosena (Burton) Carter, my paternal grandmother. As poor as it is, this is the only photo I've ever seen of my great aunt Bertha."

"I have no idea why the faces were obscured on this. However, it was taken at "Afton" which is now the Lower Stinson area. Specifically, this photo was taken in front of the Thomas Burton place which my grandparents, Lafe and Rosena (Burton) Carter, bought in 1929. Rosena was the daughter of Thomas Burton and lived in this house at the time that Lafe and she married."

"I have reason to believe, however, that this photo was taken circa 1916 while the place was still in possession of the Burton heirs.

"I was given this by William Oscar Tackett, a cousin of Chet Tackett's.

Submitted by: Joel Carter

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