Milton Griffey Jr. and Edward Allen Griffey

Photo of brothers Milton Griffey, Jr. (left), and Edward Allen "Pete" Griffey (right) born January 18, 1920, died June 6, 1944.

Photo was taken sometime in the late 1930s or early 1940s, possibly at Milten and Castria (Bond) Griffey's homestead
on Griffey Branch, west of Olive Hill.

Pete was "killed in action" during the D-Day invasion on Omaha Beach.
I understand he was awarded a Silver Star for his actions in assisting a wounded comrade
(this is when he was struck in the head by a German bullet killing him instantly).

"Milton Griffey Jr. (my Dad) does not have a middle name. That's one of those strange family quirks.
My mother always said how could anyone be a junior without the full name.
It's one of those things I have never heard what the real story is behind it."

This is a photo of my father with all of his brothers. I just recently found out there was another one taken that day that included my paternal
grandfather and another individual identied only as Willie V. whom nobody seems to recall.
This is that photo and I will be formally submitting it in the near future. A 2nd cousin, Kent Griffey, sent it to me.
His grandfather, James Gladdis (Dad) Griffey, is the one in the bottom, 2nd from the right.
My dad, Milton Griffey, Jr. is next to him, that is, bottom row, right. James Gladdis was the first
brother to die in 1943 as the result of a train accident from what I'm told.

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Milton Griffey, Jr. with his sister-in-law (my aunt) Geneva (Tackett) Griffey (b. 9/22/1920 - d. 10/29/1964).

Geneva was married to Milton Jr.'s brother, Theodore (Ted) Roosevelt Griffey (b. 10/15/1911 - d. 5/22/1989).

I'm assuming the location is Griffey Branch, Olive Hill, KY. The date is most likely the early 1940s.

Submitted by: David A. "Dave" Griffey

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