Green Hayward Hackworth, (and Clara E. Christy), circa 1946

Green Hayward Hackworth
By Clara R. Kozee

        Green Hayward Hackworth, Judge of the International Court of Justice meeting at the Hague was born near Prestonsburg, Floyd County, Ky., son of Jonathan T. Hackworth and Lydia Haywood.  He moved to Willard in Carter Co. at nine years of age.  At an early age he told a neighbor lady, "I'm going to be a big man someday."  That statement came true.
        He was legal advisor to Dept. of State for many years.  He accompanied Former Secretary of State Cordell Hull to the Moscow Conference, 1943; was a member of the United States delegation at the conference of American States on problems of war and peace, Mexico City 1945; Chairman of the United Nation's Committee for Jurists which met in Washington April, 1945 to prepare a draft of the Statute for International Court of Justice; Advisor to the United States delegation at the United Nations Conference one international organization, San Francisco, April-June 1945; senior advisor of the United States delegation at the first part of the First Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations London, 1946.
        On the 6th of February 1946 Judge Hackworth was elected a Judge of the International Courts of Justice by the General Assembly and the Security Council of the United Nations for six years upon expiration of which he was elected for a full term of nine years.
        He contributed many articles on international and constitutional law to various periodicals, and is the author of a Digest of International Law Eight Volumes (1944).  He was educated at Willard, Kentucky grade and high schools; Valparaiso University. LL.B and A.B.  Doctor of Laws of Universities of Kentucky and (honorary) Valparaiso.  He married Clara E. Christy of Huntington, W. Va. April 30, 1908.  They were the parents of two children Earl Christy and Helen Mary.  Green H. Hackworth was very outstanding and gave legal service to his country for many years.  He will be remembered because of his many contributions to nation's courts and to international court.  He was a member of the Christian Church from boyhood. After moving to Washington, D.C. he became a member of the National Christian Church.  He died June 24, 1973 at Washington, D.C. Interment was in a Washington, D.C. cemetery.

Submitted by  Garrett and Sherry Lowe

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