"Jumpin off place - I'm bathing in Pacific Ocean Seaside Oregon All KY boys."

Top left corner is Berkley Hall, son of Henry Hall.

Picture ca. 1910.

"So many Olive Hill people moved to Rainier, Oregon in the early 1900's to go into the logging business
that an area of the town was known as "Kentucky Flats."

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I scanned this picture from a collection of old pictures that belonged to Berkley & Joan Hall of Olive Hill 
(son of Stewart Hall, son of Alfred Hall, son of Riley & Hannah Hall).  
Many of Berkley Hall's pictures were handed down from his grandfather Alfred Hall (who was in Oregon from 1909-1925 before returning to Olive Hill) 
to his father Stewart Hall, then to Berkley Hall.
A lot of the Hall family moved west to Rainier, Oregon in the early 1900's.  
I thought this note was interesting on the back of the picture...

"Woods Crew for Henry Hall"

Submitted by: JC Porter

I sent this photo to Larry Rey, a historian for Rainier, OR and here is his reply... The dapper looking gent on the left is John Yeon... famous in Oregon for starting the highway system through the gorge and along the lower river from Portland to Astoria. He had a logging outfit near Rainier that I'm thinking he sold about 1910-11. Those guys are standing on a donkey (used for pulling logs out of the woods) and judging from the size of this one I'm guessing it was used to lower railroad cars of logs down a steep incline. Go to this link and look under Logging in the index then "Yeon and Pelton" for the story and a picture of the incline. By the way, in case you haven't noticed, the man leaning against the post is Berkley Hall, (son of Henry Hall, son of Riley & Hannah). Here's more on John Yeon... John B. Yeon Yeon Building Yeon Mountain Yeon Mountain was named for John Baptiste Yeon who came to Oregon in 1885. John Baptiste Yeon was a "rags to riches" story, beginning his Oregon career as a logger, and ending it as a prominant Portland citizen. He was among those who promoted the Historic Columbia River Highway. The John B. Yeon State Park, east of Yeon Mountain, was also named to honor him. Looks like his beginning as a logger may have been working for Henry Hall!

Submitted by: Vicki Porter Pasterik

L-R Front Berkley Hall (s/o Stewart, s/o Alfred, s/o Riley)
Skippy Victoria Hall (d/o Stewart, s/o Alfred, s/o Riley)
Darrell Brown

L-R Back Don Hall (s/o Tom, s/o Alfred, s/o Riley)
Gladys Hall (d/o Stewart, s/o Alfred, s/o Riley)

Berkley Hall - back center in bib overalls

Clark Hill School

Berkley Hall in Oregon

Back of "Berkley Hall in Oregon" post card

Berkley Hall with the banjo and Stewart Hall with the mandolin.

This is a collection of pictures that were scanned in 2010 and were in the possession of Berkley and Joan Hall
of Olive Hill. Many of the pictures belonged to Alfred Hall (1859-1940) and were passed down to his son
Stewart Hall (1892-1959) and then to his son Berkley Hall (1937-2009).

Alfred Hall lived in Rainier, Oregon from 1909 to 1925 when he returned to Olive Hill, KY.
It is obvious that many of the pictures were taken out west.

Submitted by: JC Porter

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