"This picture is a sad graveyard photo of a child's burial. The woman on the left is my great-grandmother, Matilda Jane (Perry) Hall (1882-1965). She was a daughter of Daniel Perry and Lydia Margaret (Rose) Perry. She was the wife of Alfred Hall (1873-1939).

The man on the right, holding the lid of the coffin open, is Matilda and Alfred's son, Daniel Hall.

Although I don't know for sure, I suspect that the grieving couple in the middle is Green Hall (Alfred's brother) and his wife Cathern (Perry) Hall (1879-1954) (who was Matilda Jane's sister). This guess is based on resemblances. If this is in fact Green & Cathern, then the baby might be Emeral Perry, who died at the age of one. If these are the people, then the location of the photo is probably Henderson Cemetery, near Rose Hill.

Cathern and Emeral are buried there, with an unmarked grave between them that is presumably Green's grave.

If anyone can confirm these identities, or can correct them, please let me know!"

Submitted by: Mark Jordan

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