"Here is a picture of brothers Phillip Hall and Alfred Hall (1873-1939).

They are the sons of John Hall and Martha Biggs (dates unknown). If anyone has any information about John Hall and Martha Biggs, please contact me! They seem to have done their best to avoid census takers and other legal paperwork, apparently because John was a wanted man. There is a story passed down through the family that John Hall worked at a lumber camp somewhere over around the Big Sandy in West Virginia. He and another man in the camp didn't get along well. One day, the two men set off riding logs downriver, to go cut some trees. At the end of the day, John came back and the other man was never heard from again. Accused of murder, John abruptly left the camp and came to Carter County. John and his wife may have been from Carter County originally.

Alfred got married in Carter County around 1900 to Matilda Jane Perry. They had five children (Daniel, Ora, Leland, Ila May, and Wade). Some time after 1906, Phillip Hall got in trouble and was suspected of an arson job, and so he left the county and moved to Wisconsin, changing his name to Charlie Logan. It was through the internet that I was contacted by Phillip's great-granddaughter, and I was able to fill her in on the rest of the family. This was apparently the first communication between these long-separated branches of the family since this photograph was taken, probably in the late 1930's, almost seventy years! In 1939, Alfred suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack one day when he was arguing with someone about the Bible, and is buried in the Roar Cemetery (with an incorrect birthdate on his tombstone)."

Submitted by: Mark Jordan

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