Lloyd Ray Haney in Carter City, 1950.

The photo was taken in the winter, so lots of details can be seen. Over his right shoulder is a church that burned down about twenty years ago.
Over his left shoulder is the old Pavilion that sat below the cliffs and caves above.
The building behind the third tree to his right is the old jail house, a tiny affair that looked like a smoke house with bars over the windows.
Below that is the venerable J. F. Lewis store.

Ray is retired and resides in Strongsville Ohio.

I haven't been there in awhile but I recon that it is about straight south of that Little restaurant there in Carter;straight up that hill.
Maybe a little to the left of the restaurant. It was a wrap around porch and the photographer would have standing with his back to the hill
on the left side porch and Ray was facing him with the pavilion behind him. The old church sat just down the hill on that little road that
runs parallel to Smith Creek Road. Actually I identified the trees on being over Ray's right shoulder. It should be left shoulder.

Submitted by: Glen Haney

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