On the left is Henry B. Henderson, born in Carter County, Kentucky on May 13, 1858. He was the son of Robert J. Henderson and Amy J. Gilbert.
He married Martha A. Hanshoe on May 15, 1878 in Carter County, Kentucky.

No death record has been found for Henry B. Henderson. The last record of him was his signature selling some of his father's land in 1891 in Carter Co., Ky.
He died between 1891 and 1900 where Martha shows up on the 1900 census as a widow in Arkansas. The family remained in Arkansas.

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Henry had five children with Martha:
Frances Matilda (Henderson) Eubanks, May 1878-1961
Harrison Morris Henderson (my great-grandfather) 1880-1957
Henry Robert Henderson 1885-1957
Jane Henderson 1888-?
Trenvilla "Trinnie" (Henderson) Bowers.

Submitted by: Wester Henderson

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