Charles E. Hennke

This photo was among a group of previously unidentified individuals, known to be Rice - related.
The photos were given to me by Aletha Vlasek at the Rattlesnake Ridge Genealogy Club meeting on April 26, 2008.

David Tucker did some research on this photo:

"Charles Rice had a daughter Alean or Alene. In the 1930 census of Boyd County she is living in her parents household and her name 
is shown as Alene Henneke. The Kentucky birth index shows that a woman with the maiden name Alean Rice gave birth on June 11, 1933 to Charles E. Hennke. 
I do not find any other birth records for her but of course she may have given birth to other sons that are not recorded. 
However I suspect that the photo titled Alean's boy might very well be Charles E. Hennke."

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