James Henry Hereford and Merila (Ratliff) Hereford

James was born on December 11, 1796 and died on February 9, 1885.

He was an Army Surgeon in 1863-1865 with the 39th Kentucky Infantry Regement

Merila was born on February 18, 1816 and died on June 10, 1903.

Submitted by: Dottie Lancaster Hashizumi, RPV, CA - dottiehash at cox.net
and Yvonne Waggoner, Olive Hill, KY.

I believe Yvonne got this photo from a website of a lady  (Karen S.) who is now deceased.  
I disagree with the reference that this is Dr. James Henry Hereford and Meriba (Ratliff) Hereford, 
who were Yvonne and my great, great grandparents. No idea where the original photo is today nor how it was identified as fact. 
I have several other photos of this couple and I believe them to be the son of above. I believe the photo, is James Henry Hereford Jr. 
and his wife (Mary) Florence (May) Hereford.  I believe this because of the 20 year age difference 
in Dr. Hereford Sr., who was age 44 when he married Meriba who was 24 on 16 June 1840.  
The couple in the photo seem much closer in age and I believe they are James Henry Hereford Jr. (1841-1898) and his wife (Mary) Florence May (1841-1936) 
who married on 17 June 1869. Each was 28 yrs of age at their marriage.  They are Yvonne and my great uncle and wife 
(he was Mary Lís brother).Am I 100% sure, no, but does he look 20 years older than the woman ?  
I do not believe he looks 44 to her 24, however, do believe the couple could both be the same age, 28 yrs. old when married 
and the photo was taken in 1869 and not 1840. 
Submitted by: Dottie Lancaster Hashizumi

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