Mary L. (Hereford) Hatcher was born on November 9, 1843 and died January 17, 1929.
Mary was the wife of James Henry Hatcher (1838-1917)

Mary's middle name is not known with certainty, but is either Lavinia or Levada.

Mary and James were the parents of:

Mary L. (Hereford) Hatcher and James Henry Hatcher, all born in Cliff, KY were:

James Garrett Hatcher (1866-1946) (married Emma F. Stone)

Dr. William Lee Hatcher (1868-1926) (married Lucy A Auxier)

Mary (aka Mollie) Hereford (Hatcher) Lykins (1869-1957)

Kate Cecil (Hatcher) Koogler / Plemons (1871-1949) 

Lucy Belle (Hatcher) Howard (1874-1953)

Anne (aka Betty) Patterson (Hatcher) Myers (1875-1950) 

Horace Greeley Hatcher (1877-1951) (married Sarah Robinson)

John Henry Hatcher (1880-1964)  (married Nora Arnett)

Druscilla Meriba Christina (Hatcher) Lancaster (1882-1964)

Tennyson Powhatan Hatcher (1885-1885)

Frances Elizabeth (Hatcher) Castle/Unknown/ Mitchell (1886-1942)

left to right: Druscilla "Drusie" Meriba Christina Hatcher, Mary L. Hatcher, James H. Hatcher

Mary L. Hatcher is 4th from the left, seated with her hand on her husband, James Henry Hatcher.
The woman standing at far right is Drusie (Hatcher) Lancaster, my grandmother.

I believe this photo was taken circa 1913/1914 because of other photos I have identified of Drusie
which are dated when she married S.J. Lancaster 14 Oct.1914 and that is exactly how she looked.

The single deck packet boat "Mary L. Hatcher".
The caption says that the boat was built at Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Click here for a larger image of this photo.

This India ink portrait of Mary L. (Hereford) Hatcher was made in Floyd Co., Ky.

Submitted by: Dottie Lancaster Hashizumi, RPV, CA and Yvonne Waggoner, Olive Hill, KY.

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