James Nicholas Holmes and family

James Nicholas Holmes had thirteen children born in Carter County, Kentucky.
James moved to St Charles , Pennsylvania in the 1930's to open clay mines, after the clay mines in Olive Hill, Carter County, Kentucky had dried up.
In this 1912 picture from Olive Hill, Kentucky are 6 of the 13 James Holmes children.

In the picture James is holding his son Roy, his wife Sarah is in back of their son Ezzard, the boy to the right is Kenneth,
beside Kenneth is their daughter America Elizabeth "Lizzy", The girl standing in the back is Alma .
The girl to the left in the picture is Nellie. In this photo: Nellie Holmes (1904-1931), Sarah Hicks (1878-1943), Ezzard Holmes (1909-1995),
Alma Holmes (1895-1926), James Nicholas Holmes (1870-1943), Roy Holmes (1911-1983), America Elizabeth Holmes (1906-1980),
Kenneth Holmes (1902-1918)

They lived on the west end of Blueberry Ridge (over the hill between the I-64 Interstate and Blueberry Ridge near Trough Camp Creek) in Olive Hill, KY.
Their house, built by the Holmes, was impressive for its location and time period.

**Blueberry Ridge was known as "Armstrong Hill" on the old maps**

Submitted by Jolinda Belcher

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