Kent Humphrey, who is my grandfather's brother, and Jim Rice

Kent Humphrey was born 5/25/1896 and died 4/14/1967.

Kent married Anna Church on 7/5/1919. He married 2nd Isabelle Tackett and 3rd Myrtle Green.

Kent was the second son of Robert and Lucy Savage Humphrey (they were all born in Denton, Ky.):

1st was John Conwell born 3/24/1892, died d.7/9/1966. John married Katheryn Clay.

3rd was Ottie born 7/1/1897, died 5/18/1998. Ottie married 1st. John chaffin on 12/11/1917; 2nd Elihue bond on 11/11929; and 3rd Ward Sammons on 5/22/1931

4th was Hazel born 1903. We don't know what happened to her can't find any record.

5th was Herbert Edward, my grandfather, born 12/10/1904, died 2/9/1956. Herbert married Nan Slone on 2/12/1923.

6th was Lawrence Carlton born 9/16/1925, died 5/4/1998. Lawrence married Emma Clay and 2nd (unknown)

7th was Bertha born 3/22/1910, died 9/10/1990. Bertha married W. L. Stewart on 9/26/1931.

Submitted by: Barbara Branson

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